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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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life and now with the internet the gutter snipes run wild. it's painful to be attacked personally. i'm actually numb to it now because it happens to me every day, but i understand well the malevolence behind those attacks. what do we do? back in 2003 the di despicable things like me. and i helped him, a major mistake. and now i pretty much ignore the gutter snipes unless they physically threaten me or damage my property. here is a tip, do not, do not empower people who attack you personally, but you've got to protect yourself. every american should have a personal lawyer, somebody is harming you or your family, that lawyer should put the villains of notice in writing and protect yourself in case things get out of hand in the
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future. generally speaking, the haters are going to hate no matter what you do, just walk away. factor tip of the day. check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' and here is why it's important this week, all of my talking points memos about the president and his dereliction in handling the spending crisis are posted there so we have a the lot of stuff going back and forth, everybody is talking about it all over the world and it's possible, as i said to the senator, that mr. obama may have reacted to that, may, i don't know, but he might have so if you want to be up to day go to that website and it's there. and spout out about the factor, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a-- the word of the day. and from the amazon river, the
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tip of the day. and please remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out. >> . >> welcome to hannity tonight after senator rand paul filibustered yesterday for almost 13 hours on the senate floor the white house has finally taken time out from their busy schedule to answer one question, would the administration categorically rule out using an unmanned drone on u.s. citizens on u.s. soil. an open letter from attorney general eric holder to senator paul wrote america's top cop, it's come to my attention you've now asked an additional question. does the president have the authority for a drone to kill an american not engaged in combat on american soil?
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the answer to that question is no. and senator paul did what he did stayed on his feet for 12 hours and 52 minutes. and others joined him on the floor, various times to show their support and to give him a chance to catch his breath. now, we know you could not watch all 13 hours so here is a snapshot of senator paul's filibuster. >> i rise today to begin to filibuster john brennan's nomination for the cia. i will speak today until the president responds and says, no, we won't kill americans in cafes. >> i would note that your standing here today like a modern mr. smith goes to washington, must surely be making jimmy stewart smile. the president says i haven't killed anyone yet. he goes on to say, and i have no intention of killing americans, but i might. >> i know you've been here for
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a while. let me give you free advice, keep some water nearby. >> do we really live in alice's wonderland? is there no one willing to stand up and say to the president, for goodness sakes you can't sentence people before you try them. >> the president was george w. bush and this question asked of him and the silence we've gotten we would have a different scenario here tonight. >> they shouldn't drop hell fire missile on your cafe experience. >> i'm pretty certain for the record that i can confirm that no teleprompter was in front of the senator from kentucky's desk. >> the fifth amendment does apply to all americans and there aren't exceptions. i thank you very much for your forebearance, and i yield the floor. >> sean: joining me is newt begin fritgingrich and you've b
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urging people to engage. >> this is a courage and stamina and determination on the part of senator rand paul. he performed two very important services, first on the immediate question, he got the administration to admit that the president really doesn't have the authority to kill americans outside of combat in the united states. that's had a very important thing to put to rest and if there's any doubt about it left, congress should pass a law making it definitive. clearly as commander-in-chief the at a moment of national crisis, he could authorize something in order to avoid a disaster, but short of that, the bias should be overwhelmingly in favor of protecting illegal rights of american citizens. second though, rand paul gave us a case study in what courageous energetic leadership can be, then every member could exercise, both in the house and senate. you don't have to wait around for group think and the leadership to tell you what to do. you can get up and you can change things and i was very
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pleased last night that mitch mcconnell late in this long filibuster came to the floor. >> sean: he did. >> as the leader to commend his colleague from kentucky. i thought it was exactly the right gesture. i think we need more rand pauls, we need more people willing to get up and do what they think is right. and i think that we would be a lot further down the road towards hemming in this president if we had more people willing to do that. >> sean: now, there were four stars that are emerging. i remember this young, kind of bold, brash congressman from georgia who had a series that he put together called "renewing american civilization" which ultimately led republicans to take over the congress in 40 years. but between rand and marco rubio and ted cruz and mike lee, ron johnson, tim scott, south carolina, all participated last night. i think we've got a young, dynamic block of conservatives that are showing not only that
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they will stand up for what's good for the country, but seems to me that's good for them politically as well. the old guard have something to learn here. >> sean, something much more important than politics, i hope the house and senate leadership in the republican party will take a lesson from yesterday. i hope they will encourage the rand pauls, encourage the mike burgesses, for example, in the house or the louie gomers, encourage people to get up and take a risk and do something. they're not always going to be right, but their willingness to fight for what they believe in really is what makes a difference in once again creating a grass roots movement that can take this country back and move us back to a constitutional republic. >> sean: yeah, and he did talk about shredding the constitution. the original letter from eric holder to rand paul left the door wide open, if an emergency arises i'll examine the particular facts and circumstances before advising the president. he wouldn't say unecliffically no. i was pretty disappointed in
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john mccain. i want to show you, john mccain didn't excoriate eric holder, he went after rand paul. watch this. >> i don't think that what happened yesterday is helpful to the american people, to allege that the united states of america, our government would drop a drone hell-fire missile on jane fonda. that -- that is -- that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about u.s. policy to the realm of the ridiculous. >> sean: very misguided to me. he should have been questioning eric holder and why eric holder didn't say fl flatly said today, no, the answer is no, you can't do it. >> what i find sad about senator mccain's recent comments, both to ted cruz when ted cruz was frankly rising legitimate questions, and again yesterday with rand paul is when i first knew john
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mccain in the house, he was a maverick, in the senate for years, he was a maverick. of anybody in the senate i didn't know anybody better at bucking the leadership and marching to his own drummer. i think it's unfortunate, but frankly, it doesn't hurt ted cruz, it doesn't hurt rand paul, it hurts john mccain. and we're in a different era, and the questions are legitimate questions, when you attorney general sends a letter up that implies that the president has the right to kill americans who are not engaged in combat. it's an important distinction. if you're an american engaged in fighting the united states and an act of treason, the commander-in-chief has the right to target you as he did an american in yemen two years ago. but if you're an american who might be vaguely indirectly engaged in something and not been proven in a court of law, not an enemy combatant, you have every right to be
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protected under our constitution or the constitution has no meaning. >> sean: you know, do you feel-- i tell you the e-mails came flying in. twitter was going nuts. i felt the momentum shift between-- and we'll talk about this in the next segment about sequestration, the president overreaching his apocalyptic talk, between that and rand paul. i just felt a shift. you can feel it. did you feel-- >> and i just wrote in a newsletter at gingrich entitled pioneers of the future versus prisoners of the past. i think you just described a situation where you clearly have rand paul and others who are the pioneers of the future and unfortunately some former leaders who have become prisoners of the past in a way that becomes really pretty embarrassingly obvious in some of these things. >> and we'll talk more with speaker gingrich. new evidence proving the white
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we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >> and the problem is when you're cutting 85 million dollars in seven months, which represents over a 10% cut in the defense budget in seven months, there's no smart way to do that. there's no smart way to do that. you don't want to have to choose between, let's see, do i close funding for the disabled kids or the poor
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kids. do i close this navy ship yard or some other one? >> now, demagoguing by the president, choose between the disabled kid, the poor kid, what about mohammed morsi the 9/11 truther who thinks the israelis of descendents of apes and pigs. i say we don't give it to him we give it to the poor children and disabled children. and we have more proof yet that the white house is overinflating the white house cuts. accord to go abc news the canceling of public tours at the white house because of the sequester is saving the country, ready for this, 18 whole thousand dollars a week, just the kind of cut to make a dent in the 16 1/2 plus trillion dollar debt, not even close. now, perhaps the most best example we have comes from a hearing on tuesday, this is great when congressman andy harris took to the c.d.c. director, and took him to tax over the bogus claim that the sequester is affecting vaccine supplies to the children in
9:17 pm
maryland. watch this hysterical exchange. >> what did the president's budget do to 317. >> the president's prospective budget for 2013. >> does 58 cut sound familiar. >> what does the sequester cut, 30 million sound familiar? do you think that's around the ballpark, isn't it? so actually, the president cut the program twice as his budget, could i assume that the the president's proposed cut would have reduced funding to 4,100 children in maryland? >> as per the justification that was published with that, we've looked at ways that we can run the program more efficiently by helping state and local health departments, recruitment dollars for education. >> you can't do it under a sequester, but you can do it under the president's budget. the president's cut of 358
9:18 pm
million dollar to the program do you think you can get around that to avoid cutting vaccines to children, but under a sequester, that the-- that the president blames on republicans, you don't know if you can do that? >> we're going to do everything we can to limit any damage that occurs because of the across the board cut, but affects our-- >> is it your testimony under the president's proposed cut of 58 million dollars budget to the program, you could have avoided cuts to vaccines to children in maryland? >> we believe that we could have maintained vaccination levels, yes. >> very interesting. >> sean: check mate. still with us, former speaker of the house, former presidential candidate newt gingri gingrich. just embarrassed, busted about firing janitors, about immunizations for kids and education department, firing teachers and pink slips being sent out. and the president just lied repeatedly demagogued this
9:19 pm
whole thing and then it's back fired, your reaction? >> i think it has back fired and it draws into sharp contrast any american willing to look at the fact that you can have an american people sequester applying common sense, flexibility, making choices, and you would save the money with dramatically less difficulty than this totally absurd obama model which maximizes rigidity and maximizes main. for the one thing, it's embarrassing to say this, but this president has been consistently dishonest in a way that absolutely undermines his ability to lead because almost everything they've told us about the sequester has either been totally false or closely exaggerated. second, they're not using any cleverness. you could raise the money to pay for keeping the white house tours open and nobody would notice it or the president, for just not going golfing that one weekend,
9:20 pm
appoint the congressman, just that one weekend would have paid for something like 50 weeks of white house tours. >> sean: well, but it's interesting you say that. i'm going to show you two things, one of these kids-- how embarrassing to the rest of the world that we had to shut down the white house because we can't afford to pay for it because the president wants to inflict the maximum impact. listen to the children begging to get into the white house. >> how big a deal is it to go to the white house? >> it's very important, they'll remember it for the rest of their lives and unfortunately, they might remember that this is the sign of their government that they couldn't get to go. >> the white house is our house. >> sean: they want to go. my friend and colleague at "the five" eric bolling, i was watching today. comes up with a brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant. >> i make you a deal, let the
9:21 pm
families make the white house tours next week and i'll cover the added expenses, word is costs around $74,000, if i can get the white house doors open, i'll pick up the tab, mr. carney, you know this is an offer you can't refuse, give me a call. >> sean: he said he'd pick up the tab for the the week, i think it's 18,000, i saw that and said i'm going to follow eric's lead and pay for a week, too, tweeted it out during "the five" and now we've got two weeks covered. the president wants to play games like this, we can play games back. >> let's see, first of all, ironically, my grandson robert, who you know, he and his class went to the white house tour about three weeks ago, they loved it. they made them feel very patriotic, they're fifth graders and they really had just a wonderful experience. john boehner organized the house budget so that the capitol visitors center is staying open. they made choices and they were able to find a way to
9:22 pm
serve the american people before serving the bureaucracy. what the president's doing is an absurdity and people have to understand, a president who adopts maximum pain for political gain has a deliberate strategy, is really undermining faith in the presidency and really, i think, losing any credibility to be the leader of the united states. >> sean: being petulant and immature. and everybody keeps talking about cuts, there is no real cuts unless you're using one of those faulty, ridiculous, insane calculators that only exist in washington d.c. you know, reductions in increases, as you know, that's not a cut in the real world. i live in the real world. >> the president said he didn't want to choose, then why did he run for president? to lead is to choose. and i think that's something we need to remind ourselves as he we watch obama failing. >> sean: all right. mr. speaker, good to see you, and i know you broke your own
9:23 pm
calculator when you left. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up charles krauthammer is here and first, he's a high profile supporter, bill richardson is in the studio and we'll discuss the president's handling of the drone controversy and sequestration, and quick programming note, tomorrow night, 9 eastern, a special edition of "hannity" will do the media's job, benghazi, six months of deceit for the entire hour, we answer the unanswered questions about the terrorist attack that left four americans dead and why the obama administration is still to this day stonewalling. stonewalling. for a sneak hey, our salads. [ bop ]
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>> and while eric holder's so-called clarification that the the president does not have the authority to use drones to kill american citizens on u.s. soil came earlier today, they are still several concerns when it comes to the controversy, namely, why has there been nothing, but silence for the democrats as rand paul was filibustering for 13 hours, only one brave democrat, that being oregon senator ron wyden joined ron paul-- rand paul, excuse me. if this was happening while
9:28 pm
george bush was in office he would have been impeached by those being silent now. former governor, former ambassador to the u.n., bill richardson. >> nice to see you. >> sean: let's go back to barack obama, enhanced interrogation was called torture again and again and the president apologized. let's go back. >> under my administration does not torture, my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture, that we abide by the geneva conventions. waterboarding is torture, it's contrary to america's traditions. it's contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are, that's not how we operate and anybody who has actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture.
9:29 pm
and that's not something we do, period. >> sean: how does somebody, explain this to me, that was so against enhanced interrogation, i don't believe it's torture, but somebody that calls it torture, how could they then support drone strikes against people? >> i think what is going to be happening in the days ahead, in the months ahead, is a special court that is going to make the determination about selli selling-- the use of the drones. i think that's healthy. i think there's been a healthy debate about this, but, you know, sean, the reality that the president's ultimate job is to protect the american people and if some of these-- >> i support drone strikes, but-- >> if some of these people, if we have intelligence information that they're going to do harm to the american people, to an american site, the president has a responsibility to act.
9:30 pm
>> sean: but the certain examples that rand paul, ted cruz and others were trying to get clarified and the attorney general was being ambiguous, but back to my original question, the president called enhanced interrogation torture. we waterboarded three people. as a matter of fact, the intelligence that got bin laden came from enhanced interrogation. how do you be against enhanced interrogation, but support drone strikes, which by the way have also killed incident people? >> i think that what is clear in the bin laden case i don't think there's much of a debate that this man deserved what he got, that he killed thousands of americans, that it was done in a way that elicited information from those that had that information and i think the president has acted consistently with the statements that he's made about interrogation, about
9:31 pm
torture. and what we have now-- wait a minute, would you rather be tortured or would you rather have enhanced interrogation or a drone strike against you, which would you prefer? >> are those my options? >> those are the options. >> look, i think what is going to happen and by the way, the rand paul debate, senator wyden, i think the issue was, i've heard a lot of people, where were the liberals. well, what we wanted to happen was, obviously, brennan confirmed as a cia director. you know, sean, every president has had a secretary of state, secretary of defense, cia director, u.n. ambassador confirmed, but for the first time we have president obama, he can't get a secretary of defense through for weeks, with brennan the same. i mean, we need the name on the ground. >> sean: i remember john hightower whatever his name was. >> john tower. you're too young. >> sean: no, i remember, the questions about his personal
9:32 pm
life. you know what? this happens all the time. i remember the guy by the name of robert bourke, another example, reagan wanted him. you know, you do raise a point, and things are very hot and very political. do you think jihad is a legitimate tenet of islam? >> you know, i'm not a religious expert, but i --. >> sean: well, brennan does. jihad means holy war. jihad among radical islamists means holy war against israel and the west and a calafate. and everybody becomes a muslim. >> i think it's a security threat to the united states. >> sean: is that a legitimate question? >> and we need to not just act in practice, but act in policy and substantively, yeah. >> sean: let me ask you, do you think the president, i will concede he is a good
9:33 pm
campaigner. i will concede he loves crowds, he loves the applause and attention and never ending campaign. are you disappointed that he went through this whole sequestration today that planes wouldn't arrive on time, long waits at the at the tsa, custodians will be fired, teachers will be fired. white house has to be closed down, school kids can't go there when we're only cutting 44 billion of a 3.8 trillion dollar budget and we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar and robbing future generations blind? >> now, sean, the president said to republicans, he said to the congress, meet me halfway. >> sean: they did. >> let's close some tax loopholes, let's have spending cuts. >> sean: we just raised taxes. >> let's also deal with entitlements, reforming medicare, medicaid, the growth in a responsible way and basically, the other side said. >> sean: senate hasn't produced a budget in four years. the president himself, he got
9:34 pm
his tax increases, when do we get the cuts that the balanced-- the other side of the balance? >> the problem, sean, is continuing resolutions have become the staple of congressional action and that's wrong. look, i think we need a constitutional amendment to balance the budget. i've said this in my campaign in iowa. i didn't do too well. >> sean: they should have listened to you. >> well. >> sean: all right, well, good to see you, governor, appreciate you stopping by as always. >> all right. >> sean: straight ahead tonight, jam-packed edition of "hannity" rolls on. charles krauthammer is next and he'll give his take on the attorney general's letter to senator rand paul. does it resolve the drone controversy once and for all? that answer is coming up and later tonight. >> i look at obama as a perfect american. >> sean: the so-called journalist of the mainstream media circled the wagons on the president and more, aone of the most ineditions of media
9:35 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity" now. questions continue to be raised about the administration's drone policy despite an attempt at clarification for eric holder that the president does not have the authority to kill americans that are not engaged in combat right here on american soil. it's the words "noncombat" that raise an immediate red flag for, well, me and for some other people. here to pour through the words on the letter, is charles krauthammer. welcome back, sir. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> sean: let's start first with the original letter that eric holder sent to rand paul. i mean, he left the door wide open which led to the filibuster. you disagree with paul, but you thought it was a brilliant political play by paul? >> well, it was genius. look, i would call it a stunt except for the fact that he was entirely sincere and he was entirely right.
9:40 pm
i mean, after all, how many americans are there who believe that the president, if he doesn't like the cut of your jib or thinks you might be a little treasonous has the right to launch a drone-launched missile through your dining room, when you're sitting down to a pot roast with your family? so, given the tactffact there'st a large constituency who would oppose him and extremely smart and the fact that he's playing off an attorney general who has not exactly been adept on this issue or a host of other issues and defending the president's position and he create heed a great embarrassment until he sent this letter, which i'm not sure solves everything. >> sean: yeah, i'm not so sure it it does either although i think so far in rand paul's mind it does. i've got the impression from the original letter that holder thought he was being
9:41 pm
cute and he was parsing his wards and thinking he was funny and playing games with rand paul, did you get that impression? >> well, no, i had the impression and i've had this, other times when he did not acquit himself well, of a guy who is out of his depth. he knows that in the corner of his mind he's trying to defend the right of the president as commander-in-chief, to act on his own, unconstrained. now, he knows that it's extremely unlikely, probably and possible there would ever be a scenario where a president would use a drone against a u.s. citizen in the the u.s., but i think he felt he had to protect the authority and the domain of the president. so he was looking for a way not to admit that the president could never ever under any authority do it and that's why he got in trouble. >> between the sequestration ov overage and rand paul, there seems to be an energy among
9:42 pm
the grass roots. people seem really, really kind of excited about now people taking on the president. the president losing, the president overreaching, the president miscalculating, do you think this could be a shift in momentum politically speaking? >> i think it is and i think the fact that the president all of a sudden decided that he would enjoy dining with a bunch of senators and then discovered the joys of having lunch with paul ryan indicates that he knows that he's way overplayed his hand. that he won on the fiscal cliff and he's been crushed when he attempted the same class war game on the sequester. poll numbers were in mid, high 50's and now 40's. and the quinnipiac poll shows him actually one point underwater so i think he understands this has not been well-played and the energy that you're talking about among the conservatives is reflected by the fact that the white house and the
9:43 pm
administration understand that they have been sliding on this ever since they overshot on sequestration. >> sean: all right, we have two other financial issues coming up, the debt ceiling and obviously, paul ryan's budget. i spoke with house majority whip kevin mccarthy earlier today. he told me the plan, we all know there's going to be a balanced budget plan in ten years, it will defund obamacare, he told me, it will save social security, it will not raise taxes. where, how should they play this knowing, predictably that president doom and gloom, president apocalypse is going to go out there and talk about closing down the white house and all those things? >> well, we know what happened when they presented something similar a couple of years ago. the president announced he was going to give a response. he gave a speech, i believe it was at american university. he had paul ryan in the front row and other republicans and then he essentially insulted them. he didn't present anything as
9:44 pm
an alternative, but what he said, that the budget that ryan had presented and here he is in the front row, he can't say a word in his defense, was essentially unamerican. so we know that once you present a budget, that the democrats have refused to, the senate hasn't had since the ipod was invented, well, not the ipod, the ipad was invented, it's been a long time and they have been hiding on the budget. i would like to see the democrats produce a budget in the senate so that it isn't a one-sided affair where all the shots are taken at republicans. >> sean: yeah. >> and that the democrats don't have to propose anything. >> sean: well, we know that pat murray saying 50%, 50% spending cuts or reduction in increases is the more accurate term. >> then again, if the senate will produce a budget at least we'll have what's called regular order, the
9:45 pm
constitutional process where you get the house and the senate in a conference negotiating the differences, which is exactly how you want it, and not in the back rooms with some kind of grand bargain. >> sean: all right. charles krauthammer, good to see you. by the way the yankees are going to take on your nationals in the world series this year. >> anytime. >> sean: all right. good luck. and coming up next. >> i look at obama as the perfect american. >> sean: and the perfect american, media mash with brent bozell. laugh or cry. and also tonight, viewers choice head over to cast your vote and tell us how you want to see us end the you want to see us end the show, close tmy insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed.
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." time for media mashup, the ways that the lap dog media tries to put liberal spin on t the news. and the president's research center, brent bozell. how are you. >> how are you doing "hannity." >> sean: you're a great american, sir. almost st. patty's day.
9:50 pm
and the kiss-ass suck up to obama, obama mania, media, they couldn't control themselves and now the appendage of the obama press office and the extension of the office and watch how they use verbatim everything obama is saying about the sequestration. watch this. >> time is up. in just hours president obama will order 85 billion dollars in cuts. the army's chief of staff tells us why he fears troops could pay with their lives. >> deadline day, hours now until massive government cuts go into effect that could impact every american. jobs vaporized, flights delayed, even criminals walking free. each day the white house's list of terrible things caused by the cuts grows longer, including flight delays, kids losing vaccines and meat shortages. in florida nearly 4 million dollars could be slashed to provide meals for needy seniors and in texas nearly
9:51 pm
10,000 fewer children would receive vaccines for diseases like the whooping cough and the flu. >> sean: all they did was take what obama said and regurgitate it. the media is dead in this country and it's funny. >> well, look at jonathan crowe of abc. he said the white house list of terrible things grows longer. if he were being a good journalist, he would have said the white house list of terrible lies grows longer. anybody who is covering this knows that when you cut 44 billion out of 3.6 trillion, that's nothing. so they should have -- they should have reported obama's statements, but have done it with clear skepticism and they should have gone to the american people and in effect saying this man is lying. instead they did the exact opposite. they waved the pompons for him. >> sean: it's unbelievable. so then the cuts don't happen the way they say it's going to happen and then they're surprised and sad that it
9:52 pm
wasn't more outrage, and the american people. they didn't respond to us, didn't respond to obama and didn't buy into the apocalyptic doom and gloom, the seals of revelation have been opened narrative that they were advancing. watch this. >> cuts went into effect friday night although they roll out over a long period of time and yet i'm surprised there hasn't been more outrage on the part of the general public. >> investors seem to be shrugging off impact on the economic stalemate on spending cuts. >> isn't that kind of sad? they're lying. there's no cuts, no cuts. spending winter up 20% under this guy and we're not -- we're just he reducing the rate of increase. we'll spend more money this year. why don't they tell the american people the truth? why don't they do something like that? >> let's understand what they mean when they say it's sad. it's not just sad that the american people didn't believe barack obama. what they're saying is that they're sad that the american people aren't believing the media, who are doing the --
9:53 pm
who are waving those pompons for barack obama. look, obama is the big lose ner this, but i do believe his people in, the people are seeing right through it. when you cut 2% of nothing, when you take a cut, all these projections aren't true, so anyone projecting him, anyone pushing them is participating in this lie and national media. >> sean: we can't do a segment about media bias without dog whistle, thrill up his knee and he's full force bank of america-gasm. >> i don't think politically you can argue left and right, argue about the drones and olic citizen the guy went to school, never broke the law, raised a wonderful family, good husband, and good father.
9:54 pm
i don't think he ever got a speeding ticket and he's done everything right. and newtown, and i don't know anything about except he is black, is there a reason he has sparked this explosion in right wing organizing? the way i'm chalking it up, right wing, maybe it's logic the way they're thinking about demographic change, but guns, immigration and gays, is that your reading that's the stimuli of these people when they decide to organize these hate groups. >> i think-- who are they rooting for? they don't root for anybody now. >> they don't root for rand paul, pat buchanan and-- >> rand paul and pat buchanan-- >> they must love ted cruz, come on. >> sean: as a citizen, the guy went to school, wow, impressive. he never broke a law, did everything right, raised a wonderful family, good husband, good father. my god, he didn't even get a speeding ticket.
9:55 pm
does chris know in his own book the guy admits to being a the gang and smoking pot and blow, and that wasn't legal at the time was it? >> chris mathews is in joe biden land somewhere. if you use chris mathews' logic, they're supportive of ted cruz and ted cruz is responsible. let me tell you, chris donner, the man who killed the cop in california, who was one of his heroes? chris mathews, who he wrote about and said he admired his work. should we told chris mathews responsible? by chris mathews' own logic, chris mathews should be blamed for that murder, which is insanity. >> sean: we don't go that, you don't take political opponents constantly calling everybody a racist, he's lost his mind. good to see you, brent. appreciate it. all right, so many people voted you crashed our server, up next the results are in, tonight we give you the
9:56 pm
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